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Automate your hiring; from job descriptions to anonymously pre-screen talent. Meet 5 candidates free with your 1st vacancy.

Hire with PitchMe

Hire with PitchMe

Find the people who fit

On average, we reduce our clients' hiring cost by 80% in time and money spent. You're guaranteed to get instant access to quality talent tailored to your position and company (1 in 14 screened candidate are hired via PitchMe*).

* Based on our performance with over 250 employers


Bias-free skill assessment
& Lead Generation

Access our database of vetted talent customised to your vacancy.


hiring solution

Find the simple way to your next hire. Pipeline, match and shortlist in the same place


Job description

Our AI writes engaging and accurate job descriptions so you don't have to. Get a tailored JD in 5 minutes.


Employers fill their positions 50% faster compared to traditional recruitment methods


Hire at no cost with 5 profiles unlocked on your vacancy

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The world's fastest growing talent database containing verified candidates across sectors

Diversity and
inclusion in your hiring

Anonymity eradicates unconscious bias. That's why it's at the heart of what we do. If you hire the same way you always have then you’re going to hire the same people you always have.

Words about us

Words about us

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We're proud to work with some of the most exciting and progressive companies across the globe. We used our platform to help achieve their hiring goals. Read their testimonials.

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Never came across such a thought-through platform. PitchMe is so easy and efficient!

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