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How PitchMe works

How PitchMe works

On average, we reduce our clients' hiring cost by 80% in time and money spent. You're guaranteed to get instant access to quality talent tailored to your position and company (1 in 14 screened candidate are hired via PitchMe*).

* Based on our performance with over 250 employers


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Words about us

Words about us

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Barcelona, Spain

Never came across such a thought-through platform. PitchMe is so easy and efficient!


Employers fill their positions 50% faster compared to traditional recruitment methods


Access five candidate profiles for free. Unlock additional profiles for just £10 per top matched talent with the highest recruitment likelihood.

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in your hiring

Anonymity eradicates unconscious bias. That's why it's at the heart of what we do. If you hire the same way you always have then you’re going to hire the same people you always have.

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