Recruitment Agencies

~ 2 days

You get 8000 profiles updated without any manual work


Candidates don't stop developing, neither should your database

PitchMe integrates with your ATS, identifies candidate profiles that need to be updated, and populates them with the latest information from all over the web. This data is then saved to your files and relevant fields. Allowing you to submit the best candidates, cut time spent sourcing, and ultimately complete hires.

Candidate Sourcing

Find more high-quality candidates in less time

Transform your job descriptions into a dynamic talent search engine with PitchMe’s technology. A combination of NLP, machine learning, and data integration techniques delivers a lightning-fast and precise candidate-sourcing process. The result is a larger number of better-matched candidates in a fraction of the time.


AI finds hidden, high-quality passive candidates on a diverse range of online platforms

Look-a-like search

If you have a model employee, or a specific skillset, you're looking for - narrow down those traits and find the perfect candidate.

PitchMe analyses the key competencies of your top performers and then finds matches from across the internet. These relevant candidates can be imported to your ATS and you can begin reaching out in the knowledge that potential hires match the skills you need.

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