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No, we are not just another application form. Provide links on relevant online sources and we make a best use of your digital footprint.

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A SmartMe Profile® showcases your skill set in a quick, effective way, and makes it easier for you to find a potential employer - and for them to find you.

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Hard Skills

SmartMe Profile® offers an effective framework for digital professional identity of candidates. It allows PitchMe not only to create a comprehensive picture of intellectual and professional capabilities for candidates, but also to advise on how to improve their employability in order to address the emergent needs of the market.

Specific knowledge and abilities acquired through formal education and training programs, including college, apprenticeships, short-term training classes, online courses, certification programs, as well as by on-the-job training.


Branding skills are an ability to develop a brand strategy for a company. Brand managers oversee a wide array of business functions including branding, communication channels, product development, online and offline promotions, and market research.

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