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We are a unique talent marketplace where anyone with a relevant skill set can find a job regardless of their age, gender, educational background, and employment history.

Our vision

To create a talent ecosystem that supports inclusive employment and continuous upskilling and reskilling for the future of work. We are one of the first recruitment platforms helping candidates use their personal big data consciously and with the purpose to find a dream job. By analysing a range of digital sources we identify what skills a person has, and what needs to be improved in order for them to qualify for a particular occupation.

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SmartMe Profile®

By analysing a range of digital sources, our algorithm identifies what skills a person has, what needs to be improved in order to qualify for a particular occupation or what career opportunities are optimal for your existing skill set.

Hard skills
Soft skills
Work context

Hard Skills

Your SmartMe Profile helps support inclusion and aims to even the balance of candidates from all backgrounds represented in the job-seeking process. Anonymous and objective profiling matches you with employers and jobs that best fit your skills and needs, with 90% of our candidates making it through the trial period of the jobs they are matched with.

Capture the technical expertise you have to get the job done such as those you learned through your formal education, previous experience or project work.


Branding skills are an ability to develop a brand strategy for a company. Brand managers oversee a wide array of business functions including branding, communication channels, product development, online and offline promotions, and market research.

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