Fewer tools for faster hiring

PitchMe’s all-in-one hiring solution

Candidate Sourcing

Database Enrichment

Resume Parsing

42% of HR tech implementations fail after two years


Too many tools

70% of recruiters use three to six apps just to complete a single task

Wasted time

Lack of cohesion means tasks take an average of 30 minutes longer than necessary

Wasted money

Inefficiency caused by fragmented solutions directly impacts the bottom line

PitchMe’s all-in-one hiring solution

Consolidate your existing functions into one
Save time by working entirely within your ATS
Save money by dramatically reducing inefficiencies
No training required. User-friendly and familiar interface

“With more reliable information in our Bullhorn database, our recruiters have become less reliant on LinkedIn and now source directly within our ATS. This allowed us to cut back on investing in various sourcing tools.”

Kimiko Harris

Executive Project Manager, Boutique Recruiting


Who is PitchMe?

We provide AI-driven automation tools to enable recruiters to use data intelligently and accelerate their hiring.

Automation tools

  • Candidate Sourcing

  • Database Enrichment

  • Resume Parsing

Use data intelligently

  • 30+ digital sources

  • 900m+ potential candidates in your talent pool

  • Real-time database updates

Accelerate your hiring

  • ATS-integrated

  • Dramatically cut time spent sourcing and updating

  • Gain more time for more impactful tasks

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