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Why should I bother with PitchMe when I already have LinkedIn Recruiter?

PitchMe searches for candidates beyond the limitations of LinkedIn Recruiter. The tool scans and retrieves data from over 30 different online sources simultaneously. These sources include job boards, social media platforms, professional networks, and more. This broadens the scope of the search, taking the total talent pool beyond 900 million profiles, and ensures that you’re considering the best possible candidates at the screening stage.

Is LinkedIn your only source for candidates?

We use a combination of public data sources, such as LinkedIn, job boards, professional websites, social media sites, and more.

Why do I need PitchMe if I can just hire an intern to source for me?

An intern might be a low-cost option at the point of entry, but they will require training to provide them with the necessary skills to source effectively. Even then, they won’t be able to source as effectively as an experienced recruiter. PitchMe has a subscription cost. However, our AI-driven Candidate Sourcing tool is able to search 30+ digital sources across the web and expand the global talent pool to over 900 million profiles. This removes nuance and consistently delivers relevant candidates based on your criteria.

We have been doing just fine with our current job boards, why change what works?

There are three main reasons why you might want to switch from job boards to PitchMe:

  1. PitchMe targets passive as well as active candidates. This expands the talent pool and ensures that you’re able to reach the most relevant candidates based on your criteria. Job boards only target candidates who are actively looking for new jobs.
  2. PitchMe does a wider and deeper search for candidates. Our AI sources from 30+ online sources, expanding the scope of search to over 900 million profiles worldwide. Job board ads only receive inbound applications from candidates who are signed up for them.
  3. PitchMe can be a lower-cost alternative when comparing PitchMe credits to job board views. With PitchMe you request the number of candidates you want to screen for a certain role. This enables you to budget more easily from the beginning. With job boards, you simply run an ad and wait for applications. This might return thousands of candidates with each one costing a view to see their profile. In that respect, PitchMe enables you to source more efficiently whilst still delivering quality candidates.

How does this tool help me cut costs if I have to pay for it?

PitchMe is a subscription-based tool. However, it helps you cut costs by enhancing efficiency, streamlining processes, and allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making. This means giving you more time to speak to new clients and candidates, which opens up additional opportunities to make more placements and increase revenue. This represents a saving as you are ostensibly investing the same time and effort as before PitchMe, but generating more revenue.

How do I know you can deliver good-quality results for my industry?

PitchMe’s advanced skills-matching algorithms work in the same way regardless of industry. Our clients across tech, healthcare, construction, engineering, and professional services have seen consistently good results with our products. We recognise that nuances exist between industries in terms of hiring practices and the preferred formats for resumes, etc. But these are mitigated by the levels of personalisation that our products provide.