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What is PitchMe.co?

Skills-based talent platform, where anyone can find a job regardless of their background

What problem are you solving?

Most of the technologies that have been used in order to recruit people, specifically at the stages of pre-screening, shortlisting and assessment of candidates, relied on an analysis of the employment history, as manifested in candidate’s resume. As an outcome, many candidates who have better skillset, but not relevant employment history or skills in the CV, are often not selected for further assessment and evaluation. That contributed to inequality around employment opportunities, and limited not only the capacity of some candidates to get jobs that match their skills, but also the capacity of companies to find and hire the best candidates for their needs.

How do you solve these problems?

PitchMe created an innovative tool for candidates to measure and evaluate skills and help them meeting current employment market needs. Our approach is based on a dynamic presentation of candidate’s skills, a continuous analysis of a job market and educational opportunities identification that maximise candidate’s employability.

Who are your users?

SMEs with no internal HR team and with a limited recruitment budget. SMEs that are in active growth stage, making between 5-100 hires a month. At the moment we are working with tech and creative sectors, but are planning to expand to wider industries (financial, sales, management, etc.)

Candidates with non-obvious career story– graduates, young professionals and career shifters (including job seekers with non-obvious career stories). We help them to get matched with jobs matching skillset as well as create individual learning plans.

Enterprises and Recruitment companies– using PitchMe technology integrated into existing HR systems.

Online education platforms– PitchMe is an outsourced career service for MOOCS (Massive Open Online Courses).

How do you match users with jobs?

Once complete, your SmartMe™ profile will be anonymously matched with positions listed by verified employers on PitchMe’s website.

How do you rank matched results?

Candidates are ranked from 1% to 100% (from highest to lowest matching score) based on required skills and company culture and team fit.

What is SmartMe Profile?

Please have a look at - SmartMe profile description.

What is a Skillsourcing?

Skillsourcing is a proprietary term developed by PitchMe, meaning multilayer profiling of candidate’s skills and matchmaking between those offering their skills and those who need them. The technological advantage of the Skillsourcing system is an ability to conduct early assessment of skills relying on combination of traditional sources and digital traits, eliminate bias from pre-screening of candidates. Proprietary algorithms that support matching relying on skill analysis reduce subjectivity in hiring.

What does skills-based mean?

Skills-based hiring refers to the practice of employers setting specific skill or competency requirements or targets and candidates demonstrating relevant skills.