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Database enrichment

Which fields does PitchMe populate?

Our tool focuses on populating the latest candidate information found on digital sources, such as job title, recent employer, skills, experiences, education, and more.

Will I use up a credit if information is not found on a candidate?

Yes – every time we search for information on a candidate, we are searching across multiple digital sources, which uses resources on our end. In the cases where new information is not found, this is valuable because it will imply that either your data is up-to-date, or this is potentially a candidate who no longer updates their public profile and is likely no longer working.

Where does PitchMe find new information on candidates?

We use a combination of 30+ digital sources to find, verify and update candidate profiles within your ATS using the latest information.

How do I know if PitchMe has updated a candidate? What are the signs?

There are a few ways of finding this information. Firstly, there will be a note left in the ‘Activity’ tab within Bullhorn to indicate if and when a candidate was enriched by PitchMe. You can also find the information found by PitchMe in the ‘PitchMe’ tab within Bullhorn. You will also find an auto-generated PDF in the ‘Files’ tab which includes a resume generated by PitchMe using the data we find.

How do I manually process a candidate for enrichment?

We always recommend updating candidates in bulk using the ‘Bulk Enrichment’ custom menu action, but you can also choose to manually update a candidate within the PitchMe tab in Bullhorn

How do I process a bulk of candidates for enrichment?

The ‘Bulk Enrichment’ custom menu action allows you to select multiple candidates at a time for enrichment, using the filters that already exist within Bullhorn.

How do I check how many credits are remaining?

Remaining credits will be shown when you make a bulk enrichment request, before you click to confirm the request.

How do I check, amend or set up the field mapping in Bullhorn?

The first time you set up the PitchMe tab and attempt to enrich a candidate, the field mapping page will automatically pop up in Bullhorn. This can also be changed/viewed at any time within the PitchMe tab by clicking ‘Settings’.

Candidate Sourcing

Is it possible to provide personal emails only?

We always aim to provide the most useful and accurate emails, and on some occasions this might be a work email address.

Is it possible to only send candidates who have an email address?

We do have this option, but it may incur additional costs.

Why couldn't PitchMe find information on candidates I could find on Google easily?

On some occasions, technology compared with human searches delivers different results when searching the web.

What part of the software is ML-based? OR Which part of the tool exactly is AI?

PitchMe has built its own skills map and skills taxonomy, which we have trained with 10+ unique cases to learn and better understand the associations/links between job titles, skills and experiences.

Where will I find the list of candidates once sourced?

We will provide you with a CSV file that includes a list of candidate names, locations, job titles, experience/education history, qualifications, LinkedIn profiles, and email addresses (emails are not guaranteed).

Does PitchMe look for duplications?

We are only able to avoid sending duplicate records if we are integrated with your current ATS. If we are integrated, it works like this: When our AI finds new candidates, it simultaneously checks your database to see whether the new entry is indeed unique or if it matches an existing profile. It uses standard identifying data like name, contact details, etc.If there is a match, it won’t create a new profile. If the candidate is unique, it will. The same happens when our AI is updating profiles with new data. When the algorithm searches finds data on your candidates from sources across the web, it simultaneously checks it against the data you have. If there are any matches, it won’t add them to your profiles. If it’s unique, it will.

How long does it take to generate a shortlist of candidates?

Results will vary, depending on the complexity of the role and time of submission. Some roles take a few hours, others might take a day.

Do you charge per number of users?

No - our pricing is the same, whether you are a sole recruiter or a team of 20.

Which sources are you using to find candidates?

We use a combination of public data sources, such as LinkedIn, job boards, professional websites, social media sites, and more.

What happens if I request 50 candidates, but you are only able to source 30?

On the rare occasion that the software can’t source the number of candidates you requested, we will email the CSV file that includes a list of the candidates that we did find. The email will also invite you to loosen the parameters and run the search again should you wish to generate a list of candidates that matches the number initially requested. We will only charge you for the number of candidates delivered.

How do I check how many credits are remaining?

Information like this can be found on your PitchMe account through our website, and we can even allocate credit limits to different members of your team.