Source highly skilled labour at scale

AI-driven automation tools to overcome the blue-collar talent shortage

Source large numbers of candidates for fast-growing sectors

Find quality candidates for niche roles

Help your clients overcome the post-pandemic hiring challenges

Impact of the global blue-collar worker shortage


increase in construction vacancies since the start of the pandemic (UK)


the additional number of construction workers the UK will need by 2026

6 million+

potential shortfall in engineers in the US by 2024


skilled job postings from employers across since the start of 2023 (US)

Shortage of skilled workers vs. PitchMe’s AI Candidate Sourcing

Beat the labour shortage by automatically finding skilled active and passive blue-collar

Engineering Safety Office

number of opportunities up by 58% while applications drop 75%

PitchMe finds 50-100 per role sourced (IRE)

Civil Engineers

US currently has a shortage of nearly 1 million workers

PitchMe finds 50-100 per role sourced (US)


UK requires 100k new workers by 2032 to plug the labour gap 

PitchMe finds 50-100 per role sourced (UK)

Construction Superintendent

390k new openings projected over the next decade in the US

PitchMe finds 50-100 per role sourced (US)

AI-powered deep search and accurate matching

A smarter response to the blue-collar talent shortage

AI-powered deep search and accurate matching

Automate your sourcing and expand the scope of search
Condense hours of labour-intensive work into just a few clicks
Find more qualified candidates for the most in-demand roles
Submit fewer candidates to make a placement

“Very impressive sourcing within very niche roles. In many cases, we've had interviews and candidates placed. Overall, very impressed with the product.”

John Farrelly

Managing Director, Propeller Recruitment

Propeller Recruitment

Who is PitchMe?

We provide AI-driven automation tools to enable recruiters to use data intelligently and accelerate their hiring.

Automation tools

  • Candidate Sourcing

  • Database Enrichment

  • Resume Parsing

Use data intelligently

  • 30+ digital sources

  • 900m+ potential candidates in your talent pool

  • Real-time database updates

Accelerate your hiring

  • ATS-integrated

  • Dramatically cut time spent sourcing and updating

  • Gain more time for more impactful tasks

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