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PitchMe vs. Alternatives

PitchMe’s hiring software applies a data-driven approach to candidate profiling to build the most complete, real-time and dynamic profile of each candidate.

Get the richest profile of each candidate

We draw data from over 35 digital sources to create the most complete in-depth profile based on hard skills, soft skills and personality.

Make more placements with less effort

When candidates’ information is up to date, you can instantly find the most relevant talent when you need it

Get to the best talent before the competition

Avoid targeting the wrong or non-active candidates and focus your time on getting to the right candidates first

Seamless ATS

Automate repetitive,
manual tasks

Reduce time
to hire by 80%

PitchMe vs. other sourcing solutions

What we do

Automatic sourcing, updating and shortlisting of candidates on your existing ATS
Provide in-depth and accurate data on candidates from over 30 digital sources
Instantly add a ready-to-call list of top candidates to your ATS

What they do

Parse data from CVs and hiring platforms like LinkedIn
Send an automated email that notifies candidates to update the information
Reliant on candidate responses to untargeted marketing

“PitchMe worked closely with us, listened to us and brought us an amazing solution that’s had a huge impact on our recruiters”

Brian Cunningham
MD at Allen Recruitment

How do we compare?

PitchMe Other solutions
Full integration with existing ATS
Updated job titles and locations
Automatic updates to existing candidate database
Finding new candidates for your pipeline
Lookalikes based on your perfect profile for the role
Enriching data with hard and soft skills
Providing up-to-date contact details
Unbiased and intelligent candidate scoring
Ready-to-call list of top talent in seconds

Hire Faster. Hire Smarter.