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How Allen Recruitment accelerated their hiring

Our solution helped them instantly find the most relevant candidates and dramatically cut their time to hire.

Discover how Allen Recruitment cut their time to hire with PitchMe

“The PitchMe update is what makes it work”

Brian Cunningham, Managing Director
of Allen Recruitment.

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“There's nothing worse than having a candidate but not being able to put them forward quick enough or at all. This was a problem we needed to solve.”

Brian Cunningham

Managing Director at Allen Recruitment

The situation

Allen Recruitment was manually updating their large database, requiring up to 10 sourcers and researchers at any one time.

This was not cost-effective and didn’t deliver the expected results, so they were missing opportunities.

“PitchMe worked closely with us, listened to us and brought us an amazing solution that’s had a huge impact on our recruiters…

Brian Cunningham

Managing Director at Allen Recruitment

The solution

Our ATS integration enables Allen to continually update its database. The team can now rely on the information to be accurate and up-to-date.

Our solution helped them save time and increase their interview rate: clients now want to interview 2 of every 3 submitted candidates.

“What we’re finding is with PitchMe the engagement with our data in our own database is huge… So you’re not paying for advertising, you’re not paying for other CV databases, and you’re not scrambling around looking for candidates...”

Brian Cunningham

Managing Director at Allen Recruitment

How we did it

By extracting real-time data from the most relevant sources, we help Allen and many others keep their data up-to-date, find hidden talent in their database and speak to the relevant candidates.

All of this helps our customers fill roles up to 80% faster.

“Every candidate we shortlist is because the data is up to date.”

Brian Cunningham

Managing Director at Allen Recruitment

“The numbers, the engagement… Everything is getting better and better and better. Because the data it’s based on is more up to date – it’s correct…

We’re now at the point where we submit three candidates and we get two interview requests, which is impressive.”

“The PitchMe update is what makes it work.”