PitchMe – Overview

Solution overview Current recruitment that relies on CVs is often driven by stereotypes and doesn’t offer equal opportunities for employment.  PitchMe creates a unique talent marketplace in the recruitment landscape. It empowers candidates to demonstrate their knowledge and abilities allowing anyone with relevant skillset to apply for a position regardless of their age, gender, formal... Continue Reading →

Ridiculous Job Titles that Really Existed

It’s no secret that companies, especially startups, are getting increasingly more creative with their job titles. They believe that unique, funny and ridiculous job titles will attract like-minded people, therefore making a "we think different" message clear from the first sight. 1. Paranoid In Chief Company: Yahoo  Description: Let’s be honest — Paranoid in chief sounds much more intriguing... Continue Reading →

PitchMe at Startup Grind Europe

On the 6th of June, London was the host to an exciting startup-focused conference Startup Grind. Over 3,000 startups, investors and innovators have attended the event and spent the day networking, discussing the future of startups and taking part in other inspiring activities. 100 promising startups were chosen to exhibit as part of their Startup... Continue Reading →

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