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Hire Faster.
Hire Smarter.

Our AI-based, data-driven approach helps you cut your time to hire and find hidden talent.

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Ensure your database is accurate and up-to-date

Boost candidate
engagement by 4x

Reduce your time to
hire by up to 80%

Brian Cunningham

Managing Director at Allen Recruitment

“Recruiters are much happier to use our own database, they now find people that are a fit”

Boost candidate engagement

Our AI integrates with your existing database, simultaneously updating candidates’ data, allowing you to engage with your talent like never before. Forget advertising. Unleash the potential of your existing pool.

Shortlist only the most relevant candidates

Our SmartMe profile matches candidates to employers using the most up-to-date hard and soft skills info. Our data-driven, non-linear approach looks at the bigger picture. Never hear “The role doesn’t apply” again.

Slash your time to hire by at least 40%

With only the most suitable candidates on your shortlist, your time to hire is cut by between 40 and 80%. And your candidates submitted to interview ratio is reduced to 3:2. It’s targeted and it’s time-efficient.

Minimise your time spent managing your database
Minimise your time spent sourcing candidates
Maximise the potential of your existing talent pool

Accelerate your hiring today